Qualifying Calypsonians Announced For Semi-Final Round of Calypso Monarch Competition

TI Blacks, reigning-Calypso Monarch.
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St. Lucia

– After a gruelling week of competition, 18 Calypsonians have been selected to proceed to the semi-final round of the Calypso Monarch Competition, to be held this Sunday, June 23rd, at the National Cultural Centre.

Ti Blacks, reigning Calypso Monarch.

Quarter-final shows of the Calypso Competition were spread across four exciting nights of Tent at the National Cultural Centre. Calypsonians from each of the four tents put on rousing displays for the judges and calypso lovers. The 18 calypsonians selected to advance to the semi-final round of competition, are listed below in alphabetical order:

SobriquetCalypso Tent
AsheTOT/Soca Village
BlazeKaiso Pro’s Tent
BingoFire One
DezralFire One
EducatorFire One
GamtionSouth Calypso Tent
Herb BlackTOT/Soca Village
King KakalSouth Calypso Tent
MenellSouth Calypso Tent
MicaTOT/Soca Village
Mighty SizzlerFire One
OshunSouth Calypso Tent
QpidTOT/Soca Village
Queen YadzzSouth Calypso Tent
SolangeFire One
TakerTOT/Soca Village
TC BrownKaiso Pro’s Tent
Ti CarroTOT/Soca Village

Tickets for Calypso Semi-Finals are only $40 and available from Steve’s Barbershop and The Cell outlets island wide. At this stage, nine calypsonians will be selected to compete against the defending monarch: Ti-Blacks, for the 2024 Calypso Monarch title.

For updates relating to all carnival competitions, visit www.carnivalsaintlucia.com or @carnivalsaintlucia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The CPMC wishes all Calypsonians best of luck in the next round of the competition as they prepare for the Monarch.

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