Persons driving into the R. L. Bradshaw International Airport for passenger pick up or drop off will no longer have to pay the $1.00 fee charged at its entrance. The St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority announced on Wednesday, September 8, that effective September 21st the ticket booth will be located at the parking lot entry instead of at the entrance into the airport. SCASPA Head of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Delcia Bradley-King told The Observer that the renovations were part of a larger plan to improve customer service and the efficiency of SCASPA operations. “Under the new parking system if you are just driving in to pick up or drop off passengers, then you would drive around the outer road that passes in front of the taxi stand and go up to the terminal. You would not have to pass the through the ticket booth at all unless you are pulling up in the parking lot to wait or leave your vehicle while you are away,” she said. Bradley-King explained that the change would minimize congestion moving in and out of the airport, and that persons could come and go more freely. “You find with the existing system people would drive around and around the lot instead of parking while they wait for passengers. Some persons would also illegally park in front of the terminal for extended periods, especially if seeing persons off. This would obstruct the intended flow of traffic in that area. Under the revised system you would have to park in the lot if staying longer than the maximum five minutes in front of the Check-in area for drop off of passengers and luggage,” she said, adding that parking in front of the Arrivals area located outside of Customs is still prohibited. Customers who enter the public parking lot will now pay $2.00 per hour or part thereof, and $20.00 for overnight parking. SCASPA employees will be exempt from fees at all times, once a valid SCASPA ID is produced. The eastern section of the Restricted Parking Lot will remain reserved for dignitaries, senior government officers, and SCASPA senior managers. Bradley-King noted that SCASPA security personnel would monitor the front of the terminal more closely to ensure persons abided By the regulations, and those found to be in violation of said regulations would be ticketed. She emphasized that the objective of the change was not to increase revenue collection, but admitted that the new parking system may have that end result. She also mentioned that the renovations came at considerable cost to SCASPA. “Before, no matter how many times an individual drove into the airport he or she had to pay $1.00 each time. Now, if the person makes several drop-off trips in one day, it’s of no cost whatsoever to him or her and that would result in a savings to that individual. So the goal of the renovations is not to make more money from customers but to improve on the service,” Bradley-King asserted. She also outlined plans to improve several other operations and customer servicea within the organization, including enforcing the taxi operators’ prescribed code of conduct and operational procedures, and the establishment of a Customer Service Standard for all employees. “With a more organized parking system, better services, and improved taxi operations at the Robert. L. Bradshaw Airport, SCASPA continues to demonstrate its responsibility to the local community By providing top notch services to ensure a pleasant experience for all airport users,” said Bradley-King.