RBC Royal Bank (Bahamas) Limited Donates $20,000 To University Of The Bahamas’ School Of Nursing

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Nassau, The Bahamas — RBC Royal Bank (Bahamas) Limited has made a $20,000.00 gift to the University of The Bahamas’ School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions in a tangible demonstration of its commitment to academic excellence and the resilience of the health care sector.

Officials made the gift on Friday 10th November, UB’s seventh charter anniversary. This month also marks a significant milestone for RBC which celebrates 115 years of dedicated service in The Bahamas. For many years, RBC has been a legacy donor to UB and a strong supporter of higher education.

Managing Director and Vice President of Personal Banking at RBC FINCO, LaSonya Missick, said the company is proud of its longstanding partnership with UB, and will continue to champion the transformative potential of a UB education.

“Our ongoing support for University of The Bahamas is a testimony to RBC’s belief in fostering partnerships that drive growth and resilience in our community,” said Mrs. Missick during the gift announcement in the RBC Auditorium at UB’s Oakes Field Campus. “We value our longstanding association with the University, and acknowledge the transformative role it plays in the future of The Bahamas. With this donation, we aim to enhance the quality of healthcare in The Bahamas by empowering future nurses who will undoubtedly continue to play a critical role in our society.”

This special gift will positively impact not only the educational experiences of nursing majors but UB’s capacity to bolster the skills of future nurses. The funds will be used to create a state-of-the-art nursing simulation laboratory and outfit it with furniture, equipment and technological resources.

Acting UB President Janyne Hodder celebrated the bank’s generous giving and its longstanding support.

“I thank RBC for its commitment to education and also to healthcare in our country, both important pillars of national development,” said President Hodder. “RBC’s investment impacts not only our students today, but their patients in the future and our broader healthcare system. The donors who support UB recognize that national development is a purpose in which we must all invest with whatever means we have of our time, talent, and treasure.”

For years, RBC has been an integral part of UB’s success story and celebrated proponent of tertiary education. The venue for Friday’s donation, the RBC Auditorium in the Franklyn R. Wilson Graduate Centre, is a shining example. Back in 2008, when Hodder served as president of the former College of The Bahamas, RBC donated $1 million to fund the facility’s construction.

Interim Dean of Pure and Applied Sciences at UB, Dr. Veronica Toppin, heralded RBC’s donation as a red-letter day for the School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions.

“Your (RBC’s) generous gift is not just a financial contribution, but a valuable investment in the future of healthcare in The Bahamas,” said Dr. Toppin. “With your support, we are confident that our nursing programme will continue to excel, producing well-prepared and compassionate nurses who will make a positive impact on our patient care.”

On Friday, UB also marked its Day of Giving, during which a sustained period of donations to UB was encouraged for a full 24-hour period. Philanthropy is a pivotal part of growing the university’s potential to meet its nation-building mission.

“And really, that’s why philanthropy matters, and it matters a lot,” said President Hodder. “Companies like RBC recognize that while it’s a great responsibility for government and the public fund to uphold and support our social structures, the improvements we need, and access to quality, cannot be achieved by government alone.

“And while we are grateful for government funding, we need private support that generous philanthropic organizations and individuals bring to us. Private philanthropy from companies, from organizations, our own alumni, and other individuals has to be a part of the transformation of our country.”

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