Reese Walters of Cotton Ground, Nevis has been charged with the death of 15 year-old Shante Claxton of Jessups Village. After being in police custody since last week, Walters, 21, was on Sunday (Sept 14) charged with murder and attempt to commit carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16. A contestant in the 2012 hosting of the Mr Kool pageant, Walters was taken into custody on Sept 8. Claxton’s death gripped the entire federation when her body was found in the bathroom of the St. Thomas’ Primary School on Saturday (Sept 6). Claxton had left her family home that morning headed to church. When she didn’t attend service nor return home, police and relatives set out in search. A post mortem was conducted on Saturday (Sept 13) and informed sources indicate death was due to strangulation. The charge of attempt of a sexual act indicates Claxton was not raped, as has been repeatedly suggested in other media reports. Her funeral was held yesterday (Sept 18). Police confirmed that Walters made some form of confession, but nothing was offered in terms of motive. Informed sources however suggest the young man claimed Claxton’s death was an accident. “Mr. Walters admits to meeting the deceased with the intention of having a sexual encounter; he made no further comments once officially charged,” states a police press release. Claxton attended the Charlestown Secondary School and was preparing to enter 4a1 when the CSS opened the following Monday. Walters has been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison, joining two of his siblings already serving lengthy sentences. In June, his brothers, Miles Walters and Deon Walters, were sentenced to serve 10 years and 9 years respectively. M. Walters was sentenced to five years each for gun possession and ammunition possession on June 10. D. Walters received six years for gun possession and three years for possession of ammunition on June 24. All sentences are being served concurrently.