Relief at last!

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It has been almost two weeks since America placed itself under new management, and the world is already feeling better.  January 20th ushered light into a period of darkness, not only with the inauguration of the Presidential team, but also the staging of the poet laureate!

America has re-entered the world arena. It rejoined the World Health Organisation and the Paris Accord on climate change. It re-embarked on environmental conscious with the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline project, it became more tolerant with the reversal of the ban on Muslims and it became more welcoming to immigrants, with no talk about the Wall.  It is also proposing to use softer language, replacing the word “alien” with “non-citizen” when referring to immigrants.

We are struck, though, that so many persons responded to Trump’s call to travel to Washington and to march, mostly mask-less to the Capitol. And now that they are being arrested and charged, they have been disavowed by the leader for whom they risked so much. Not even the pardon that they asked for has been granted.   

The Trump supporters should realise by now that the former president cannot and will not help them; they have all been thrown under the bus. But only after he bilked them out of $70M.

President Biden has offered to be the president of all Americans.  He has no choice.  The question is whether all Americans will allow him to be their president, up to accepting the covid relief money that some of them so desperately need.  

Buses, political ones, are all over the place. There one in St Kitts ran over the 2015 Supervisor of Elections. He is the only one facing Court charges arising out of the 2015 elections while his supposed manipulators walked away free. 

There is a way to avoid such vehicular incidents. Employees must know and understand their role and do their job without favour and according to law. 

At the end of the day, politicians – especially those who lost – are powerless, and often unwilling  to help. They often walk away unscathed.

For many of us, it is a hard lesson to learn.

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