By Anastasha Elliott

Immigration will expatriate the remaining eight illegal immigrants on Saturday, said Luther Kelly, Head of the Immigration Department.

Kelly explained that 13 members of the Special Services Unit intercepted eight men and five females at the South East Peninsular just pass Friars Bay last Thursday.

The natives of Haiti according to Kelly explained to police that they arrived on the island via a speedboat and were told they were on St. Maarten.

Apparently they were trying to get to St. Maarten where they have friends, said Kelly.

He explained that the Haitians carried passports that were stamped for entrance into Dominica but did not contain any stamp indicating that they left Dominica.

Last Friday eight of them began their journey back to Dominica, which is where the officials decided they be sent.

However, according to Kelly, when they reached Antigua the officials there sent them back to St. Kitts.

We refused to accept them and they were then sent on to Haiti, said Inspector Kelly.

This batch of 13 illegal immigrants is the first set to have been found on island since the start of the year, indicated Kelly.