Remains still not identified – Father of missing man says remains are not his son

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By Monique Washington

Two weeks after human remains were foundin the Fahie’s Mountain area in Newton Ground, the identity of that person is still unknown.

The ObserveraskedPolice Public RelationsOfficer Grell Brown on Tuesday if the body was identified and he said “not as yet.”The Observer called Deputy ACP Hilroy Brandy on Wednesday to ascertainif an autopsy would be done to determine the remains identity but were told “he was not in.”

Thequestion still remains for family members whose loved ones went missing months and years previously, whose remains they found?But not for Russel Jarvis, father of missing Devon Gunny Jarvis.

Speaking with the Observer on Wednesday, though still traumatized, Jarvis said that he doesn’t believe the remains are his son.

On March 12, 22-year-old Devon Jarvis went missing. Officer Brown told The Observer previously,“the family saw Jarvis on Feb. 28 when he visited a friend in Nevis. Brown explained that because Jarvis disappeared on Feb. 28 and the family did not report it until March 12, a description of the clothes he was wearing before he disappeared is unavailable.”

At the time, his father had a strong felling his son was no longer alive.

Russel said on Wednesday that the remains could not be those of his son because his son went missing in Nevis.

“My son was in Nevis, not St.Kitts.” he said.

Jarvis told The Observer that the past six months have been traumatizing.

“I am exhausted and have been traumatized for the last six months since my son has gone missing,” the distraught father said. “I still wonder about his whereabouts.”

He noted thepolice have not been forthcoming with any information and he hasn’t heard much from the investigator relating to his son’s disappearance.

“For now, I am just keeping it quiet,” Jarvis said. “I am taking it easy and just waiting.”

In an unrelated incident, three weeks ago Markie Liburd of Newtown was reported missing by his family. Today his whereabouts are still unknown.

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