Reporter Suelika Buchanan is currently researching the tragic story of Jah Cure

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Reporter Suelika Buchanan is currently researching the tragic story of Jah Cure for next week’s of The Observer. Whether or not he is guilty, is not what we are here to debate. However his song, ‘Reflection,’ is one of the most popular ‘big tune’ in the Caribbean.

The song is a cry from prison. It is a cry of regret and sorrow. Clearly Jah Cure does not want to be in prison and desperately wants to get out. When he gets out, Jah Cure promises to be a better man.

Community leaders would like young men, in particular, to take heed to this song. Authorities hope that young men in the Federation, especially those in gangs, will listen to Jah Cure’s sorrow. Jah Cure’s redemption may have come too late but it is not too late for some residents who maybe contemplating committing a crime.

To have your freedom taken away and to be locked up in a cell is not a very good feeling. Especially, when conditions at Her Majesty’s Prison maybe bad.

In these days of escalating crime a number of people in the community have complained about the worsening condition at the prison. Most of these people have been parents of convicts who reside at the prison.

It is very hard to sympathy with convicts who have committed murders and other gruesome crimes about their living condition at the prison.

However, prisoners do have rights and they should be treated in a humane fashion.

Yes, there is no air conditioning, the food is not gourmet and the pillows are had and the bunks or beds are lumpy. So what? You are in jail. The prison is not meant to be a hotel. Her Majesty Prison is meant to be a place of rehabilitation. A place where someone goes to redeem himself or herself of the wrong done to society.

There have been reports of friends and family members taking soft pillows to convicts and even Kentucky Fry Chicken and other expensive goods.

We are now living in a society where even a shopkeeper has to have an armed escort to count the days earning and deposit the money in a bank. We are now living in a society of drive-by shootings and gang warfare.

The prison has to be seen as a harsh and uninviting environment. Young men are committing violent crimes without thinking about the consequences.

When a young man has committed murder then goes to the prison, and the only sorrow he has is on how bad the living condition is, then maybe it is better he had been sent to hang.

“… and I swear, that I can be a better man,

I swear, if only you could understand.

The faith in me shall set me free (reflections)”

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