Residents and nationals on Nevis score roles in MSR Media film

Phillippe Martinez, MSR producer of the film 'One Year Off,' at Chrishi Beach Club in Nevis.
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CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — MSR Media is gearing up to start filming “One Year Off’ on the island of Nevis, and several residents and nationals have scored prominent roles in the film.

The film’s producer, Philippe Martinez, has confirmed that some well-known locals including Llewelyn “Sunshine” Caines, P. Clayton Huggins, and Charmaine Howell have been cast for speaking roles in the film.

Martinez said more than 200 persons responded to MSR’s casting call for speaking and supporting roles.

“The response we had for the casting was amazing,” said Martinez. “We had over 200 people on the island contacting us.

“I think that next time we will do even more advertising because there are many more people who could have come to the casting, but we have 168 people for the film, which is quite amazing,” he said. “We had an overwhelming response. For the next film we’re going to expand the advertising for the casting so that more people can come.”

Martinez said they found locals with raw talent who could be trained for future roles.

“One thing that really amazed me is the fact that we found some people that have real potential to do several films with us, so that’s really, really exciting,” he said.

Martinez pointed out that trained actor and local businessman, Winston Crooke, assisted MSR Media with casting 168 persons as supporting artistes.

Martinez plans to begin filming during the last week of February. The production crew has already decided on various locations in Nevis that will serve as scenes in the film.

“We have already started to do location scouting…and we have visited a big part of the island,” said Martinez. “We have finished that part of the job because we begin shooting a week from today. We have secured all the locations for the film.

“We have beautiful locations at the Chrishi Beach Club, at Golden Rock Inn, at Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill and at sea. So we’re very excited.”

According to Martinez, most of the leading cast is already on island. He said some have completed quarantine while others are scheduled to complete quarantine next week.

The comedy film, ‘One Year Off’ is the first of a two-film production deal between MSR Media and the Nevis Island Administration.

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