REUTERS WORLD NEWS: Kari Lake Loses Governor’s Race in Arizona, Ukraine Pressing Its Advantage after the Kherson Win, Amazon to Lay Off Thousands, More

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The Reuters Daily Briefing

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

by Linda Noakes


Here’s what you need to know.

Election denier Kari Lake loses the governor’s race in battleground Arizona, Ukraine is seen pressing its advantage after the Kherson victory, and Amazon is to lay off thousands of employees

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Today’s biggest stories

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attends the first working session of the G20 leaders’ summit in Bali, Indonesia, November 15, 2022. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque


Disagreement emerged at a G20 summit as the United States and its allies backed a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Russia’s foreign minister dismissed as unwarranted politicization. The summit on the Indonesian island of Bali is the first G20 leaders’ meeting since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

Images appeared to show Russian troops had quit a town in southern Ukraine on the far bank of the Dnipro River from Kherson, the city they surrendered last week, suggesting one of the biggest retreats of the war may not have ended at the river’s edge. Here’s what you need to know about the conflict right now.

Government ministers and negotiators from nearly 200 countries began the hard work of finding common ground at the annual U.N. climate talks for a deal based on a sketched first outline in the hands of delegates at the summit in Egypt. Here’s what to watch today at COP27.

Crowds of people in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou crashed through COVID barriers and marched down streets in chaotic scenes, according to videos posted online, in a show of public resentment over coronavirus curbs.

Hundreds of residents in flood-ravaged Australia’s southeast were rescued by helicopter and boat after rivers rose rapidly, cutting off entire towns and inundating houses, highways, bridges and farms.

Republican candidate for Arizona Governor Kari Lake speaks at a midterm elections night rally in Scottsdale, November 8, 2022. REUTERS/Brian Snyder


Kari Lake, one of the most high-profile Republican candidates in the midterm elections to embrace former President Donald Trump’s false claims of voter fraud in 2020, lost her bid to become the next governor of Arizona, Edison Research projected.

Trump is set to launch a fresh White House bid today, hoping to box out potential Republican rivals and return his false claims of election fraud to the center of U.S. politics.

Trump did not show up for deposition testimony before the congressional committee investigating his supporters’ attack on the Capitol last year, the panel said. In doing so he defied a subpoena issued by the panel in October.

The Justice Department in a court filing unsealed yesterday accused Trump’s lawyers of “gamesmanship” for arguing that some of the documents seized by the FBI from the former president’s Florida estate should be kept out of a criminal investigation because they are “personal” or privileged.

Ground teams at Kennedy Space Center prepared for a third try at launching NASA’s towering, next-generation moon rocket, the debut flight of the space agency’s Artemis lunar program, 50 years after Apollo’s last moon mission.

BUSINESS is planning to lay off around 10,000 employees in corporate and technology roles beginning this week, a person familiar with the matter said, in what would amount to its biggest such reduction to date.

Collapsed crypto exchange FTX outlined a “severe liquidity crisis” in official bankruptcy filings, as regulators opened probes and called for the faster implementation of rules for the hamstrung industry. From Binance to Voyager, crypto firms’ exposure to FTX is coming to light.

Berkshire Hathaway said it bought more than $4.1 billion of stock in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, a rare significant foray into the technology sector by billionaire Warren Buffett’s conglomerate.

Scion Asset Management’s Michael Burry, known for his timely bets against housing ahead of the 2008 financial crisis, added five new companies to his portfolio in the last quarter including prison operator CoreCivic, filings showed.

A Tesla director and a former executive took the stand and defended Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay package against a shareholder’s claims that the entrepreneur dictated terms of the deal to finance his dream of traveling to Mars.

U.S. and European startups are racing to develop new batteries using two abundant, cheap materials — sodium and sulfur — that could reduce China’s battery dominance, ease looming supply bottlenecks and lead to mass-market electric vehicles


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