Rev. Dr. Bailey welcomes PM to Pentecostal Church of God Saddlers

Constituency Number Seven Choir performed two wonderful renditions.
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BASSETERRE, St. KITTS — The last of four church services, held to celebrate the 25 years of service to Constituency Number Seven and the country by Prime Minister Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris, was held in Constituency Number Six.

On Dec. 2, Bishop Rev. George C. Gilfillan welcomed the Prime Minister as his own son, while wishing him goodness and mercy all the days of his (Dr Harris’) life, during services held in the Pentecostal Church of God on the Island Main Road in Saddlers Village.

Rev. Dr. Analdo Bailey delivered the main sermon, reminding the congregation that the Prime Minister had told the church that from his humble beginning he had no idea, nor thought that he would be where he is sitting. Rev Bailey said he thanked and continued thanking God for lifting Dr Harris up and raising him.

“It tells me that something must be good because he has been there for 25 years serving not only this community but this nation,” Rev. Bailey said. “It is not that he is there by force, but every once in a while he has to go back to renew his mandate and so he has been going back and he has been successful.”

Rev. Bailey told Dr. Harris: “I solely say to you Sir, all of us are grateful for you have been contributing to the country. We the Children of Faith believe that God is on your side and we trust that you will continue to hold on to His unchanging hand.”

Dr. Harris thanked the leadership and congregation of the Pentecostal Church of God for the lovely welcome given to the Constituency Number Seven group, allowing them as their special guests worshipping at the church. He especially thanked them for what he termed ‘the warm Pentecostal welcome.’

Dr Harris also expressed deep appreciation for the presence of his Cabinet colleague and Member of Parliament for Constituency Number Eight, the Hon Eugene Hamilton who is also the Minister of Agriculture, and Health et al. Also present was Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett.

“I became a representative of the people perhaps by their demand and their support,” said Dr. Harris. “From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you to the people of Constituency Seven. Truth be told: They have never over the last 25 years let me down. I love you tremendously, I will always have an enduring love and gratitude for your support.”

Dr. Harris told the congregation that over the past 25 years there were persons like Bishop Gilfillan and his family who offered him support. When his own house was under renovations, Bishop Gilfillan housed him and allowed him to take charge of the house except for the cooking. He added: “They allowed me to become their adopted son.”

In conclusion, Prime Minister Harris said: “I hope genuinely that in the years to come that we can do more as a people and as a country to make life better for all of us in this land of our birth. I am happy that as I look over my life and you look over your life if we were to count our blessings each of us would be surprised at what God has done for us. My constituents are part of the blessings which I have counted and will continue to count.”

Led by Pastor Pansy Bailey, the church choir sung a special rendition of ‘the Lord is My Sheppard’ to honour the Prime Minister.

Moved by the exhilarating rendition, Dr Harris could sit no further. He stood and was handed over a microphone and he joined in the singing.

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