Rishi Sunak Becomes the UK’s 1st Non-White Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak
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Rishi Sunak has been confirmed as the new leader of the UK’s Conservative Party and is set to become Britain’s next prime minister. He’s the nation’s first non-white prime minister and at 42 the youngest for more than 200 years.

He served as the former Treasury chief, and will be the third British leader this year, after the resignations of Boris Johnson in July and Liz Truss last week.

Sunak will be the first person of color to lead the United Kingdom — hailing from Indian roots — and its first Hindu leader.  He will now face the task of stabilizing his party and the country amid economic and political turbulence.

Sunak is the fifth Tory leader in 6 years. Yet, he wasn’t elected by the population, but by a simple vote of his party’s MPs.

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