By Lesroy W. Williams

Observer Reporter

(Basseterre, St. Kitts)- When so many are tempted to give up on the young because they find them too difficult to handle, it is not so with Mr. Shawn E. Revan.

“I have a great interest in the development of kids. From an early age I found that that was one of the areas that I have grown to love and I also try to do something to reach out to the children, especially those who would be considered less fortunate than others,” Mr. Revan said.

Mr. Revan, a grade four teacher at the George Moody Stuart School, is the founder of the group, The Rising Sons, established on the 7th February 2007. The group has a membership roll of about 30 children up to 12 years old and meets every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Why is the group named “The Rising Sons?”

“I think of it as children who keep elevating,” Mr. Revan said. “It doesn’t refer to just males alone. Rising means that we keep moving on to higher heights. We rise as high as we can to achieve what we want to Achieve.”

The motto of the group is “Guiding Children into a Brighter Future.” The objectives of the group are: develop the minds of our children holistically; create an environment that is conducive to learning; help children to use and manage their resources wisely; aid children in identifying their primary goals and lend a helping hand to others in the society.

To that end, The Rising Sons have in place a comprehensive program that encompasses the areas of devotions, academics, fun and games, snack time and field trips. All these areas are geared to the holistic development of the young.

Mr. Revan said that the response to forming the group has been overwhelming. Parents have been very receptive, cooperative, and supportive of the program.

“Our world is constantly changing, thus it is imperative that we stay focus on the development of our children, ensuring that their lives are built on a good and strong foundation which would afford them the ability to reap the positive opportunities that life has to offer,” Mr. Revan said.

“I am always generating thoughts about how I can improve the lives of children. The Rising Sons are doing something different from all the other organizations. My goal is to go beyond the call of duty. I would like to get all of our children rising, rising to a height that is beneficial in everything for their development,” he stated emphatically.

Mrs. Zita Bowry, Principal of the George Moody Stuart School, has given her full support to The Rising Sons and believes that Mr. Revan’s efforts and goals are what are needed today to steer young minds in a positive direction.