RLB International Airport restricted only for legitimate business

The Honourable Lindsay Grant, Minister of Tourism and Ports, says the RLB International Airport will be restricted to persons conducting legitimate business only.
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— As of October 18, access to the Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw (RLB) International Airport in St. Kitts will be restricted to persons conducting legitimate business only.

This was according to during a media tour on October 07, 2020, aimed at updating the media and the general public on the COVID-19 Retrofit Works at the airport.

“Access to the airport will be restricted to people with documented evidence and proof of the need to transact business at the airport, [as well as restricted to] airport staff on schedule with identification and passengers with the relevant travel documentation,” said the Honourable Lindsay Grant, Minister of Tourism and Ports. “This means that the National Bank Airport Outlet and the Sky Grill Restaurant will no longer be serving the local community.

“Only the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) and St. Kitts Tourism Authority (SKTA) approved taxis and tour operating buses will be allowed on the compound in limited quantities, and parking would not be allowed for private vehicles – only passengers drop off allowed.”

Minister Grant said the canopy area will be reserved for passengers who are departing, therefore, no vehicular traffic will be allowed in that area.

Access to the airport compound will not be allowed if persons are not wearing masks.

“Exempt persons must present relevant medical certification of exemption to be allowed not to wear the mask,” said Grant. “Additionally, the relevant signage would be installed including physical distance stickers on the seating and the flooring. Video infomercials would be displayed throughout the facility, security patrols intensified, and staff would be equipped with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment.”

The minister said that COVID-19 has affected every fabric of society. He added that it was important to introduce the necessary changes.

“COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the way that we operate,” said Grant. “The RLB International Airport is certainly no exception.

“To ensure the safety of our people and to comply with the ICAO standards, SCASPA, with the input of the airport stakeholders, has effected changes to its operation protocols. These operating protocols remain very fluid and, of course, subject to change as the National COVID-19 Protocols change.”

Although the noted changes will impact airport users, the services will be available to persons working at the airport.

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