Robbery Suspect Killed

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By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

Police are said to be investigating a shooting that occurred in the Basseterre area on Thursday night.

According to a police press release, at about 11:30 pm on Thursday, a police officer attempted to apprehend a 27 year-old La Guerite man who had earlier robbed a young woman at gunpoint.

The suspect, Philmore “Kiddie” Seaton, reportedly held the woman at gunpoint while he robbed her of her cellular phone. The incident reportedly took place at Victoria Road.

Police had responded to the call of a robbery and according to the press release, Seaton assaulted the police officer that was trying to capture him with that same firearm. The officer reportedly shot at the suspect, fatally wounding him as he died on the scene.

The release further states that one black mask and a 9 mm semi automatic pistol were found at the scene. The release did not state however, whether the suspect fired at the officer first, neither how many times the man had been shot nor where about his body he had received the gunshots.

Radio talk shows were bombarded with reports that the account given by police was not what had really transpired since persons had witnessed the whole incident. According to those allegations, the man was shot in the alley to the immediate right of the Maurice Hillier School. Some of the allegations being made include the man being shot by one of the Jamaican officers brought here to assist the security forces for Cricket World Cup and that police ‘ planted’ the weapon to justify an otherwise unnecessary killing.

One senior security personnel who saw the claims posted on local internet sites said the allegations were nothing more than political propaganda.

“This is madness. People have been arguing that the police are not doing anything to get these criminals off the streets and now they are making all kinds of ridiculous allegations against the police for doing their job. Police have the right under the laws of this federation to use whatever force is necessary when lives are being threatened, whether it is their own or that of citizens. The part about the man being shot by a visiting officer is a blatant lie because they have not even been given firearms as yet and they will not take up duty until cricket begins. The robber was shot by a local police officer,” he stated.

He continued to say that the persons who were responsible for spreading the rumours would have been ‘singing a different tune’ if that police officer had been the one that had been taken to the morgue.

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