By Dr. Miranda Fellows

Current dietary habits, wrong food combinations, excessive use of sweets and other refined carbohydrates and indiscriminate use of antibiotics have yielded many complications to our health.  The sad note is that 50% of all antibiotics sold are used in the raising of animals for slaughter.  They say this gives the animals a faster weight gain with fewer infections.  What it gives us, is death of our normal intestinal bacteria.  This yields symptoms of gas, indigestion, bloating, and yeast overgrowth.

Billions of beneficial of micro-organisms are supposed to live in our intestinal tract which keep the intestines clean by feeding on the putrefaction, waste, fungus, yeast and other harmful bacteria.  These beneficial micro-organisms also aid the body in producing the essential elements such as hormones, vitamins, and proteins that our needed to run our body.  Research is showing that each of these cultures attaches at different site in the intestines and can live synergistically together:

LACTOBACILLIUS ACIDOPHILUS is known to prevent the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms (disease causing bacteria) such as Candida albicans, by producing both lactic acid and antibiotic compounds.  This probiotic also helps minimize the symptoms of dairy intolerance.

BIFIDOBACTERIA and BIFIDUS  as well as the natural antibiotic benefits, they inhibit the growth of nitrate producing organisms.

LACTOBACILLIUS PLANTARUM produces a high percentage of lactic acid, which acts to inhibit harmful micro-organisms.

LACTOBACILLIUS SALIVARIUS has been shown to prevent flatulence.

LACTOBACILLIUS RUBELERI has been shown to stabilize the intestinal flora and enables important enzymatic reactions, also it stimulates peristaltic activity (helps prevent constipation) and assists the immune and endocrine systems.

LACTOBACILLIUS CASEI creates a desirable microbial balance and controls the production of toxins on vital organs and body cells.  It coats the intestinal mucosa and protects against invasion and activities of harmful organisms.  It provides constant protection in the digestive tract to promote better nutrition and health.

When a mother breast-feeds her baby, she gives it the best possible start in life and health.  Within the mothers milk a substance known as colostrums.  This substance produces a baby’s first peristaltic action in the bowel.  Being the FIRST nourishment ingested into the system, mother’s milk produces an acid environment in the colon.

The first bacteria to enter the child’s digestive tract will establish itself within a matter of hours from birth.  Choosing breast milk first will influence the individual’s health for their life’s duration.

If the colon is acid due to ingestion of mother’s milk (THIS IS GOOD), then the acidophilus will take root and flourish.  If the colon is alkaline or neutral the harmful bacteria E. Coli is encouraged.  At birth NO OTHER substance EXCEPT BREAST MILK should enter the infant’s digestive tract.  Formula’s, other than mother’s milk, deprive the colon of acidophilus and therefore sets the stage of E. Coli inhabitation- the beginning of disease.

When we properly care for the bowel we are automatically providing a welcome home for those favorable life-giving bacteria that are essential to good health.  Among other things, the mentioned healthy bacteria provide valuable nutritional metabolites for the body to use in rebuilding and maintaining health.   For example, specific B-Vitamins, enzymes, and essential amino acids, increased calcium, phosphorus and magnesium absorption.

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