Russia Bombs City Of Odesa With Drones And Missiles.

Ukrainian rescuers spray water on a supermarket destroyed as a result of night strike in Odesa, Aug. 14, 2023. Ukraine downed three waves of Russian missiles and drones targeting Odesa, its army said early Aug. 14, 2023.
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Ukrainian officials said on Monday that a Russian bombardment on the southern port city of Odesa injured at least three people and that a supermarket was badly damaged by falling debris from intercepted missiles.

The military said air defenses downed all 15 drones Russia used in the attack, as well as eight sea-based missiles, but that falling debris caused damage on the ground.

Three people were injured after debris fell on a supermarket, and a student dormitory was also damaged.

Firefighters battled several fires that broke out as a result of the falling rocket fragments, the regional governor, Oleh Kiper, said on Telegram.

Russian shelling Sunday killed at least seven people, including a 23-day-old girl, and injured at least 22 others in Ukraine’s Kherson region.

“Her brother, who was only 12 years old, was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, they could not save him. He died from severe wounds. The children’s mother, her name was Olesia, she was only 39 years old, died. My condolences,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his nightly video address.

Ukraine’s foreign ministry on Monday condemned what it called gross violations of international law by Russia’s navy after a Russian warship fired warning shots at a Palau-flagged cargo vessel headed to the Ukrainian port of Izmail.

A Ukrainian foreign ministry statement called on the international community to “take decisive action to prevent Russian Federation’s actions that impede the peaceful passage of vessels through the Black Sea.”

Ukraine also urged its partners to “strengthen their efforts to preserve the functioning of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which is crucial to ensuring global food security.”

The Russian defense ministry said Sunday the shots were fired because the captain of the Sukru Okan had ignored demands from the warship to stop. After firing the shots, Russian military troops descended from a helicopter onto the cargo ship.

After Russian forces inspected the Sukru Okan, the vessel was allowed to proceed to Izmail, the defense ministry said. Izmail is the main export route for Ukrainian agricultural products.

Russia withdrew from the Black Sea grain agreement in July.

Sources: VOA, including some information from Reuters, The Associated Press and Agence France-Presse.
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