Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff of the Russian armed forces, Sergei Rudskoi stated on Monday that Turkey and Russia are conducting joint “pinpoint operations” against armed groups in Syria.

Turkey has used the anti-regime groups for its own purposes since the beginning of the Syrian war. Now, according to Russian sources, it is preparing for air strikes against the armed groups together with Russia.

Rudskoi said that the Russian military was “taking action with the help of our Turkish counterparts” to establish the locations of the “firepower, military vehicles, weapons and equipment depots of the terrorists” and to carry out pinpoint operations. While Rudskoi did not comment on where these operations take place, it is assumed that these areas are Idlib, the north of Hama and the rural area around Latakia.

In addition to the operation started from the north of Hama to Idlib, which has been going on for three months, the Syrian regime and Russia have carried out numerous air strikes on members and top commanders of al-Nusra (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham).

Turkey has twelve “observation points” in Idlib. Al-Nusra has previously accused Turkey of having supplied Russia with the coordinates for attacks on its commanders and their close-by armed groups.

In the framework of agreements with Russia, Turkey has contributed to the Syrian regime gaining control over cities such as Aleppo, Dara and East Ghouta, in which armed groups were strongly present.