Russian Navy Rescues Panamanian Ship from Attack by African Pirates

Pirates flee MSC Lucia after Russian Navy destroyer arrives
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BBC- Russia’s navy has foiled an attempt by pirates to hijack a Panama-registered container ship off West Africa, the Russian defence ministry has said

The MSC Lucia was en route to Cameroon from Togo when it sent out a distress call on Monday that was picked up the Russian destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov.

A unit of Russian marines were dispatched by helicopter to the Lucia’s aid, the defence ministry statement said.

The pirates immediately fled, allowing the marines to free the ship’s crew.

Pirates fleeing the scene of attempted hijacking

Photos of the mission were posted by the defence ministry on Facebook:

The Russian destroyer was patrolling the Gulf of Guinea as part of international efforts to improve security there.

The waters off West Africa’s oil-rich coastline have been some of the most dangerous in the world for shipping in recent years.

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