The Sandy Point Primary School has been temporarily closed as more efforts are made to contain COVID-19 relating to case 46..

Chief Medical Officer Dr  Hazel Laws announced that as a precautionary measure they would have made a decision to temporarily close the Sandy Point Primary School as they engage in an extensive testing of all who attend and work at that institution

Dr Laws said they closed the Sandy Point Primary School because they identified some confirmed cases of COVID-19.

She said students of relevant classes were tested and samples are being tested

She reminded that the Ministry of Health announced that through its extensive contact tracing exercise two new cases were identified in the investigation of case 46

“There are now seven active cases. These patients are stable and being monitored.”

Dr Laws said they were aiming to break the chains of transmissions to contain the virus.

“We intend to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to contain the virus.”

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education William Vincent Hodge said the Sandy Point Primary School will ask to go back online.