Photo: The 2017-2018 Susanna Lee High School Scholarship Award recipients


Scholarship awardees encouraged to remained focused on studies



Basseterre, St. Kitts – Eight deserving students from each of the public high schools in the federation were encouraged to continue working exceptionally well as they were recipients of the 2017-2018 Susanna Lee High School Scholarship Award under the St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board Scholarship Programme.  

“Students, you performed well at primary,” said Jacqueline Brookes Jeffers, board director, during an induction ceremony held at the E. St. John Payne Annex Board Room Sept. 28. “It is our hope that you continue to do so at secondary. Choose wisely, tread carefully, look closely, think deeply, focus, stay on track and on task,”

She urged the students to make wise decisions because what they do with their high school years could determine their future.

“We are investing in you,” she said. “Take good care of our investment. Our future prime minister might be right here amongst you. There is no telling what fruits these investments would reap, so we promise to mentor you so that you will be guided along the right paths. We are not saying there will not be obstacles, but we will try our best to keep the path as clear as possible.”

Brookes Jeffers offered sound advice to the parents and urged them to “continue guide your children and encourage them every step of the way.” She made a plea for the parents, students and mentors to work along with each other, as the mentors were chosen to help guide the students.

“To you the mentors, I know the task gets more and more difficult every year as our children are exposed to more and more options via the Internet and, more specifically, social media,” she said. “Continue to assist in whatever way you can so that they will be the best they can be.”

She used the occasion to congratulate all the fifth form graduates who were recipients of the Susanna Lee High School Scholarship Award, and who received exceptional passing grades in Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) for the 2016-2017 school year.

The 2017-2018 recipients are Tipharah Browne, Charles E. Mills Secondary School; Princess Simon, Washington Archibald High School; Rhoyana Warner, Basseterre High School; Rickesia Salters, Cayon High School; Curmarl Stevens, Saddlers Secondary School; Joshornia Edwards, Verchilds High School; Tyiana Williams, Charlestown Secondary School; and Devery Lewis, Gingerland Secondary School.

The Social Security Board Scholarship Programme began in 1983. At that time, the value of the scholarship was set at EC $300 per school year to cover the cost of books and uniforms from third to fifth form. However, in 1989, the scholarship committee adjusted the value from EC $300 to $500 for second-, fourth- and fifth-form students and EC $750 for first- and third-form students to enable the recipients’ parents/guardians to be able to cope with the increasing cost of books and uniforms. Additionally, the period of the scholarship was extended from three to seven years, beginning at first form through to fifth and onto the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) upon acceptance.