School Girls Gone Sex Crazy

School Girls Gone Sex Crazy
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By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

The proliferation of video clips of under-aged girls performing lurid sexual acts is raising red flags in the communities across the Federation. The problem is by no means isolated to St. Kitts as it is reportedly a common occurrence in other territories such as Antigua, St. Marten, St. Lucia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Very recently Akon, an R&B artist, got international media attention after it surfaced in Trinidad’s local news that a female who went on stage to ‘bump and grind’ during his performance there, was actually a fourteen year-old minor. The club where the incident occurred came under fire for allowing some one underaged into the establishment and authorities said that Akon was to return to face criminal charges.

Reportedly, the scantily dressed girl left her parents house after 1 a.m to buy ‘ice cream’. At the club, when Akon asked for someone to come onstage to ‘wine’, she rushed up and according to reports, danced rather explicitly and stripper-esque with the artiste.

In St. Kitts, video clips making the rounds appear to be recorded using cellular phones and more high tech video equipment, then sent around via email or ‘bluetooth’ between mobile phones.

The Observer attempted to seek some reasoning or rationale that would explain this behaviour in our nations young women. Persons differing in age, profession and gender were interviewed to gain some insight into the disturbing occurrences.

“I think that the girls have no morals. What could possess someone so young to even want to do those kinds of things let alone let people tape them? Maybe it’s what they see at home, who knows. The bad part is that they don’t seem to be embarrassed that people see them engaging in something that should be private,” said Marlene, a shopkeeper. She said she had seen some recently and was appalled by what she saw.

A young male bank clerk admitted that he had some of the clips stored on his phone and didn’t see the big deal about the whole thing.

“I heard that guys getting lock up for those videos and I think that’s bullsh*t. These girls ain’t no virgins and as you can see on the videos, they are pros. Nobody putting guns to they heads. I think that the police should carry them same girls on the bench,” he said under agreement of anonymity. He added that in one of the more recent clips, the girl was having sex with one guy while another lay on the bed and yet another filmed the act. The recent high-school graduate said that he knew some of the ‘performers’ personally and was not surprised at who was starring in the videos.

A group of college students were divided on the issue, some saying the girls were wrong, others saying the guys were guilty of a crime.

“The guys know these girls are under-aged because they see them going to school and they all live in the same villages. They know the Law says you cannot engage in sex with a minor so they should leave the school girls alone, even if they are the ones who initiate the sex,’ one outraged teen said.

Her classmate disagreed, saying that most men would not refuse sex even though they knew it was an offence.

“Do you know any guy who says no to sex? I think some of these guys stupid though. You know they are schoolgirls and you letting your face get taped? Society always wild to condemn the men, and nobody holding them squawkers accountable,” the young man said.

The Observer spoke to a single mother raising two girls, one of which was a teenager, who said that she felt the girls were looking for love in the wrong places.

“I think that these girls don’t get the love they need at home so they turn to these men who are just predators. The men are using them and they don’t even realise that. It doesn’t seem like their parents or school take any against them because afterward you still see them everywhere and attending everything. I blame the parents because they need to let children be children. They have them in all the grownup hairstyles and fashions, they nails done and they own more wig and weave than who working. From what I hear my daughter saying, if you don’t have at least a Razr cellphone, you are a laughing stock. I know you can’t watch them all the time but maybe if you make them behave like children, they wouldn’t go out and do those adult things,” she said. The woman said if she ever discovered that her daughter did anything of that nature, the police would have to arrest her after she had killed her child.

Corey, a student at one of the medical schools, said where he came from, stuff like that happened all the time.

“I hear people down here flipping out about these things and to me it’s a dime a dozen. Back home you see these kinds of things all the time on the Net. What surprises me though is that these girls take that risk in a country that’s so small and everyone seems to know everyone elses business. Hey, who knows, maybe they wanna be on Girls Gone Wild,’ he laughed.

Karen, a proclaimed Christian, said that the young women were obviously in need of counselling and some sort of spiritual guidance.

“I saw some friends of mine laughing and everyone had out their phones so I looked to see was up. They were sending some videos from phone to phone and I could clearly see a girl performing oral sex on a man. I was shocked.  I thought that it was sad that people felt the need to spread this kind of thing and worse put it on the Internet where the whole world could see. They are doing so much damage to these girls and they either don’t realise or don’t care. These girls are crying out for help and no one is taking notice. Of course the girls have to take responsibility for their actions, but they too seem unaware of the damage they are doing to their bodies and self esteem. Unfortunately it won’t end after people laugh and chat about it; these girls may end up pregnant or contract HIV. Who will hire them? Who will want to marry them? If they have kids, their children will no doubt have to live with people saying awful things about their mothers. The schools, churches, parents and social organisations need to take a serious look at these things and figure out some way to help our young girls,” the woman pleaded.

Ian, a father of three said that the solution was simple; get a home for bad boys and one for bad girls.

“They just bad, plain and simple. Some of their parents try they best with them but they crotch just hot. They know what they’re doing because they posing no wah for the cameras and that means that they ain’t shame. They proud and want to be porn stars. I try to teach my children to have respect for themselves but in the end I won’t be there to make decisions for them. All I know is that who playing big man and woman need to move out and go find work cuz I ain’t supporting no body who forcing man nor woman,” he said.

What ever the root cause if this abhorrent behaviour, most are in agreement that something needs to be done, on a personal, communal and even national level to save our nation’s young women.

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