Shawn Richards


By Loshaun Dixon

Though the re-opening of school has been delayed, the School Meals Programme in St. Kitts and Nevis will provide hot meals for underprivileged students in the Federation.

This announcement was made by Minister of Education Shawn Richards who said the Ministry of Education and the Government has taken the decision to resume school meals Tuesday, May 5.

“Therefore, students who are in need of a hot lunch will be provided with lunch as of Tuesday next week,” Richards said.

Richards added the Ministry of Education has already put out a public service announcement asking parents to get in touch with either the teacher, principal for the school their children attends or to visit the schools on Thursday of this week.

“We have asked the secretaries to be at each of the primary schools to take the information so we have that idea as to which students are in need of lunch and are also able to map out where in various communities we need to distribute these lunches to our students.”

He disclosed the process was the same for secondary school students.

“We are mindful that there are also students in the secondary schools who may need such assistance. Likewise, parents of students attending secondary schools are asking you to get in touch with the principal, form teacher or secretary at the school to give the necessary information.”

He said the government was ensuring they secure the future of all the students here in the Federation.

Schools were scheduled to re-open April 20th following Easter vacation but it has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ministry of Education is in the midst of setting up a virtual space for online classes to begin.