By Monique Washington

The Primary school Cafeterias on Nevis will be receiving brand new utensils and equipment, a generous gift from the Ministry of Finance.

In a brief handing over ceremony at the Education Department on Wednesday, Colin Dore Permanent Secretary in Finance handed over equipment towards the primary school hot meals program. The equipment has been given an estimated value of US1400 and include hotel pans, measuring utensils, paring knives, cutting board, storage bins, oven mits, giant sifters, rolling pins amongst other items.

According to P.S Dore. “The NIA through the Ministry of Finance made some purchases over seas. They weren’t able to fulfill all of our orders at the time.” He said that because the monies was unable to be refunded to the NIA and credit was offered it lead to the purchase of the items for the schools

“We should utilize the funds towards the use of education,” he said. “And therefore we spoke to the company and got the approval to utilize the excess funding. To provide a number of utilizes for the various school meals kitchen at the primary schools around the island,” he informed.

Principal Education Officer Palsey Wilkin thanked the ministry of Finance for suppling the equipment and noted the importance of the School Meals program.

“I must say thanks very much to the Nevis island government through the ministry of finance for really looking at education and spending some more money on us. More specifically to be spending more money in our schools hot meals program is really the way to go to make sure that our children are really probably nourished so that we can get the best success in terms of their education we are really great full,” she said

Coordinator of the school meals program Earlene Maynard also joined Wilkin in thanking the ministry and announced her excitement about the receiving the new equipment

“Making the decision to contribute to all the other schools would be ideal. Our schools are having Christmas early and I know they are going to be pleased when they see the quality of equipment that would have been purchased for them. As long as our administration invest in our youths any investment in our young people is a plus for our country.”

Schools Meals chef Michael Henvil   noted how important it is for chiefs to have “quality tools”

“Just like any painter their only as good as their tools if we give them the best therefore we should get the best from them,”

The items are currently being packaged to be delivered to the various schools next week.