Second place contests.

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Between the firing of the gun and crossing the finish line, Usain Bolt ran the 100m in the 2016 Olympics in an official time of 9.81 seconds.  His starting time was almost the slowest at 0.155 seconds, probably to ensure that he didn’t false start, and probably because he was in full confidence in his abilities.  The others were running for second place.  Everybody knew that.

For the upcoming Nevis’ election contest, the NRP has launched a new candidate for the District of St James.  He says he is contesting because he is displeased with the progress (our word) in St James’ and has vowed to do better.   We interpret that to mean he and NRP will do better.  Yet we are hard pressed to  recall any good that the NRP ever did for the people of St James, so much so, that NRP has not won in St James’ since 1992 when Small defeated Griffin.  The interesting thing here, is that the newbie youngster has been put in a race where his party has been coming second while the waning politician was kept in the  Federal race where the NRP always wins.  At the same time, the elder  statesman seems to have reserved his safe seat unto himself that was gifted to him long ago.

The concept of separation of Federal and Local powers (albeit from a situation of loss) is a good concept, but it is fraught with as many issues as when the powers are conjoined.  Which set of candidates will have greater powers? Would a Federal CCM Minister have more say over Nevis’ Affairs than the Premier  (assuming an NRP Premier?).   When the Federal  CCM  Minister brings our share of the SIDF money, will an NRP NIA refuse it?

While we are at it, let us address the issue of salary.  The Opposition keeps talking about Ministers receiving two salaries.  It appears it is the salary aspect that annoys them; and not so much that they hold two jobs.   It seems ok to be a Minister who doubles as an Adviser (as Hon Hector was) and collect two salaries.  The truth is that there is a synergy and great opportunities that doubling up has brought.  Look at the international exposure Nevis is now enjoying from the positioning of the said Ministers.  A federal Cabinet can no longer block a Nevis project.   Besides, it was NRP who started it (Remember Stevens & Daniel?), CCM is merely perfecting it.

Notwithstanding, we wish Mr Brown well, and remind him, NRP, Alexis Jeffers and CCM that second place does not count.  At least, not in politics.

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