(Basseterre, St. Kitts) – The following release was issued by the Royal St. Kitts- Nevis Police:

This year’s music festival will be held at the Football Stadium Warner Park. Patrons’ access will be via the four smaller gates on Victoria Road.

The following security measures will be enforced.

1. There will be no re- entry for patrons leaving the stadium.

2. Persons entering the stadium will be subject to a search of their person and bags as a condition of entry.

3. No knives, or other similar sharp instruments, firearms, or any other weapon will be permitted in the stadium.

4. No glass bottles will be permitted. Vendors will be required to serve drinks from plastic cups.

5. No digital or video cameras, or other recording devices will be permitted in the stadium, with out authorization from the music festival committee.

6. Patrons using the stands are asked not to stand in the walkways and passage ways so as to cause obstruction.

7. Patrons will not be permitted in specified areas within the stadium without the appropriate access pass.

Police and other security personnel will be on hand to control access to restricted areas, and to enforce the security and safety measures.

Person found in violation of the security or other restrictions will be escorted from the stadium.