Security Guard Wants Police Officer Who Shot Him Arrested Pauline Ngunjiri Steadroy Sutton, shooting victim Steadroy “Seamoss” Sutton, who was allegedly shot twice by a plain clothed officer Saturday morning (Sept 19), wants the officer arrested and charged with an offense. The 55-year-old security guard at Turtle Times restaurant at Pinneys Beach was shot in the groin and lower back while on duty that night. Sutton, from Gingerland, is recovering at the Alexandra Hospital where he has been warded since the shooting. He told The Observer the attending doctor told him he was a lucky man as the bullet to his upper thigh/groin area could have clipped an artery or vein, causing him to bleed to death. The guard said he was dressed in his security uniform, performing routine patrol of the restaurant’s environs at around 2am when a person walked from the direction of Sunshine Bar and Restaurant to Turtle Times’ yard and started urinating. The restaurant was closed at the time but there was a fete at the adjacent Lime restaurant where a band was playing. Sutton said he attempted to stop the man from relieving himself on the restaurant grounds, but the individual refused to move away. Sutton walked towards the restaurant in order to call the police, when the person opened fire, hitting him once. “I walked up the building to take up my book to call an officer to report the guy. The person found me right at the building and said he wanted to make the call himself. He then took off the gun and shot me,” Sutton recounted. Sutton recalled that after the first shot, he jumped on the person but after he realized the wound was bleeding, he let go of the man. “I went back and as I turned around, he shot me in the back. I ran to the band stand at Lime and interrupted the vocalist,” he said. The vocalist called the police and when an officer arrived Sutton was taken to the hospital at 3.00 am via a police vehicle. Sutton told the Observer that a police officer stationed at the government post at Pinneys Beach jumped out of the post when his attacker fired and told him to ‘take it easy”, instead of arresting the person who had just shot him. “They know who shot me. He should have been arrested by now!” He confirmed to the Observer that police officers visited him at the hospital and took a statement on Sunday . He said the Acting Commissioner, Stafford Liburd has visited him at the hospital as well as the Premier of Nevis and minister of National Security, Hon. Vance Amory. On Wednesday (Sept 23) the police Force issued a press release about the incident, saying they were investigating “a shooting incident involving a Police Officer and a civilian”. The investigation is being handled by the Force’s Office of Professional Standards, it notified. According to the release, the officer in question has not been suspended as the public has called for, but instead has been assigned to desk duties. “In the interim, the officer involved is assigned to desk duties. Upon completion and review of the investigation, appropriate actions will be taken.” It has not been addressed whether the police officer was on duty at the time of the shooting nor why he did not stay on the scene of the shooting to speak with the responding officer. The Observer attempted to question Superintendent Hilroy Brandy about the matter; he said he would not be commenting until the investigation was over. A former police officer opined that something had to be amiss for an officer to leave a wounded civilian and flee the scene of such an incident. That officer, he said, should have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. “A police officer has a sworn duty to help an injured civilian. Even when an officer would have shot a suspect, armed or not, in order to save that suspect’s life the same officer involved in the shooting would rush the person to the hospital. “It remains to be seen what actually transpired that night because the public is only hearing one side, but what I cannot accept is that an officer would have shot a man twice and left the scene. That is reprehensible and he should not be on the job until there is some resolution,” the source said. While the Force remains tightlipped about the identity of the officer involved, The Observer understands he is a foreign national who holds the rank of Constable.