Serbia furnishes two scholarship opportunities for 2021

Republic of Serbia flag
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— The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced two scholarship opportunities provided by the Republic of Serbia for 2021. The following are the terms by which interested persons may be granted this scholarship:

1. Applicants must be under the age of 21 years to apply for any bachelor’s programme, under 25 years to apply for any master’s programme and under 35 years to apply for any Doctoral programme.
2. The scholarship will contain free Serbian language preparatory courses online and intensive courses upon arrival in the Republic of Serbia; tuition for all levels of scholarship; 15,000 dinars (Serbian dollars) monthly to cover living expenses; accommodation and food in student centres; compulsory health insurance; and free resident visa.
3. The scholarship will not cover travel expenses to and from Serbia; the cost of city public transport in Serbia; or expenses for textbooks and work materials during studies.

Interested persons should contact the Human Resource Management Department for more on the terms and conditions of this scholarship programme. The deadline for applications to the programme, however, is Friday January 22, 2021.

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