Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF) has confirmed the firearm of Sergeant Leon Powell was the same one used by Vincent Taylor to shoot and injure a RSCNPF officer on Friday. It has also been confirmed that it was the firearm used to shoot and kill Sergeant Leon Powell.

At a press briefing held on Sept. 1 at the Police Training School, Commissioner of Police, Ian M. Queeley, disclosed that the weapon was recovered at the scene where a search operation for Vincent Taylor was carried out on Aug. 31. Taylor was wanted by authorities for armed robbery and, as a result of investigations, had become the prime suspect in the shooting death of Sergeant Powell.

During the operation, Taylor opened fire on the officers as they closed in on him and they returned fire. He was fatally wounded and the weapon was taken into police custody. An officer was shot and injured and is currently listed as in stable condition at the JNF Hospital awaiting surgery.

It has been confirmed that it was the firearm used to shoot and kill Sergeant Leon Powell. Commissioner Queeley, also announced that the Forensic Department had performed ballistics analysis on the bullets from the firearm, the shells found at the scene in Sandy Point and those from the Sergeant Powell incident.

“It was reported that he [Sergeant Powell] was relieved of his firearm by his attackers at the time of his death,” Commissioner Queeley said. “As I speak to you, the ballistics work carried out on the bullets and other shell casings found at the scenes have just been completed. The results indicate that it was his weapon that he was relieved of that was used to kill him.”

The commissioner added that at the time of Taylor’s death, he was carrying a backpack that contained a mask, a pair of gloves, tie straps and a knife.

“These are currently in police custody as we believe that they are of some evidential value to the investigation,” Commissioner Queeley said. “Also, the premises we believe he had been occupying was also searched and other items of evidential value were taken into custody from that scene as well.”

Commissioner Queeley commended everyone who has been working behind the scenes in various departments on these cases, saying that the “Officers and technicians have been exerting commendable effort with the limited resources at their disposal given the recent gun-related incidents that they are currently dealing with.”

The commissioner commended the members of the public who readily provided information that led to him being located and chastised those who assisted him by providing food, shelter and transportation.