By L.K. Hewlett

St. Kitts Reporter

A Challengers Village resident lost his life after he was stabbed in his chest on Sunday evening.

His death can only be described as ‘bizarre’ since according to resident villagers, Ernish Emmanuel Weekes, better known as Caddie or ‘Mr. Ross’ was allegedly stabbed by a ‘crazy woman’.

Weekes was reportedly found slumped in a sitting position in a chair in his home, with a bleeding wound to the left side of his chest. Fellow villagers claimed that twenty-one year old Mekell Clarke had told persons in the area that she had just stabbed Weekes and left him to die.

“She came down the road in the evening and told someone that she had just stabbed Caddie and left him to die. Nobody took her on because everybody knows she a lil crazy but later on his neighbour went up the alley to check. She said his door was open and when she went inside she saw him naked leaning over in his chair with a cut in his chest area by his heart area. Another neighbour had to call the police,” one source recounted.

The Observer spoke with someone who grew up with the young woman and who was also familiar with the victim. The person said that Clarke had apparently ‘gone crazy’ while attending the Verchilds High School and had been ‘crazy’ ever since. They said she was not known to be violent or to ‘interfere’ with persons. According to the source, the woman claimed that the victim had agreed to pay her for a sexual favour but reneged so she had stabbed him.

Resident pathologist Dr. Debrock performed an autopsy on Weekes’ body and listed the cause of death as hypodermic shock due to a stab wound of the chest.

Clarke reportedly took the knife used to kill Weekes, but police have not confirmed if in fact a knife was the murder weapon or if any weapon had been recovered at the scene or subsequently from the accused killer.

It was also rumoured that Clarke reported the crime to the officers at the Old Road Police Station, but her confession was dismissed because of her ‘mental illness’.

Police have confirmed that Clarke was taken into custody on Monday and charge with murder on Wednesday.