Dear Sir

I am astonished at your front page W/E Saturday 17th of November.

Your sensational headline can only have been designed to bring  some sort of disgrace or scandal to T.D.C.

I have to question your motive when trying to bring shame to a local company that has no obvious record of bad employer/employee relations.

T.D.C is too frequently vilified in the press, by politicians, and now it seems it’s your turn.

Most countries in the Eastern Caribbean would be proud to have such a company.

It is large.

It is successful.

It is locally owned.

It is almost wholly managed and operated by nationals.

It pays its taxes.

It offers many scholarships.

It supports many local institutions.

It donates thousands of dollars to worthy causes.

It sets the example for architecturally appropriate urban development.

It re-invests in this country.

It employs hundreds or people.

For your organization to be so sensationally critical of another company’s employer/employee relation is, as I have already stated, astonishing.

T.D.C. is a company with much to commend it.

Shame on you!!

M.A. Widdowson