Shaw’s Road Project brings Newcastle beauty, security

Hon. Alexis Jeffers Deputy Premier of Nevis and Area Representative for the St. James Parish standing at the entrance of Shaws Road in Newcastle.
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CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — Work continues in Newcastle to enhance the infrastructure, safety, security and attractiveness of the area. Hon. Alexis Jeffers, Deputy Premier of Nevis and Area Representative for the Parish of St. James expressed satisfaction with recent work done on the first phase of the Shaw’s Road Improvement Project.

Jeffers visited the area to observe additional work done on what is the longest uninterrupted stretch of road in Newcastle.

“When you drive up Shaw’s Road now, the environment as compared to what it once was is vastly improved…We have sought to enhance the area here on Shaw’s Road from the bottom all the way to the top… You will see a beautiful planter with some flowers to provide beautification for the area…

“We have just erected some 20 miles-per-hour speed limit signs,” Jeffers said. “We have painted all electricity poles on the eastern side of the road heading up beyond Mount Nevis.”

The minister explained that the speed limits are to reduce speeding and minimize unfortunate accidents or incidents.
Jeffers explained the painted poles provide safety for drivers and pedestrians, especially at night.

“The poles are literally in the road. There isn’t anything much that can be done since we do not erect poles on people’s properties anymore, so there is a limited set back there so at nights it was somewhat difficult to see these poles…

“We would have engaged the officer in charge of Her Majesty’s Prison Officer Shawn Edwards, who would have worked with us to assisting with a few inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison at Russel’s Rest. They would have come here over two weeks and painted all of the electricity poles…That has led to the beautification of Shaw’s Road… it has also improved the safety of the area,” Jeffers said.

Regarding preserving the beautification enhancements the project has brought to the area, the minister noted that the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) implemented maintenance measures.

“It is a beautiful piece of road. That is why we have sought to do things that ensure we maintain the beauty that comes along with the road,” Jeffers concluded. “As a matter of fact, we have also employed someone to keep the sides of the roads clean and he has been doing a marvelous job.”

The first phase of the Shaw’s Road Improvement Project from Newcastle to Fountain Village commenced in early 2017. The second phase of the just over two-mile project is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2019.

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