Shine like the jewels we are

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It is safe to say that in the next several days the Federation will be in the spotlight.

With the third Test match between India and West Indies having begun and the Music Festival starting on Thursday, the spotlight will certainly be shining bright.

It is therefore important that we all do what we can to ensure that the Federation benefits greatly from this exposure.

In order to do that every Kittitian and Nevisian needs to show a great deal of civic pride. Through action, people need to step up and truly show what it means to put ‘the country above self.’ With the world watching us, now is the time for such feats.

Let us go the extra mile to show the world that St. Kitts is indeed a jewel.

To accomplish this we simply need to be our brother’s keeper. We need to look out for one another, be considerate and raise our level of tolerance.

Immediately report to the police any kind of criminal behavior you may observe.

Let us help the police protect our community.

Also, let us strive to keep the country clean. The Tourism Authority has projected that thousands of visitors will be coming to the Federation. So, it is important we put our best foot forward.

It goes without saying that we should treat our visitors with respect and common courtesy.

Of course, there will be some people who will not understand that one bad apple spoils the bunch. They will choose to look away and mind their own affairs. We cannot afford to do that. The Observer is not asking you to put yourself in harms way. We asking you to be concerned and to help in whatever way you can, and adhere to the principal of country above self.

The world is not perfect, and there will be some people looking to make trouble and unlawfully reap the benefit of the great things happening in the Federation. Our youth, specifically, seem to have a hard time understanding the full ramifications of their actions. So keep your eyes open for any waywardness.

The police can’t be everywhere, so let us help them and be extra observant.

Let us join together to truly put our great nation above self, and not get burned up by the spotlight.

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