A Nevis shopkeeper, the victim of an armed robbery last November, has now been convicted of marijuana possession and has two choices…pay a $10,000 fine in one week or face three years in prison.

Jeannette “Jenny” Brown part owner of L and L Snackette in Craddock Road in Nevis was found guilty at the Magistrate Court in Charlestown on Tuesday for possession of 100 dime bags cannabis with intend to sell.

Magistrate Yasmine Clarke convicted her and fined $10,000 to be paid in one week or face three years at Her Majesty’s Prison in St. Kitts.

This is quite a turn of events for Brown. One evening in November between 10:30pm- 11pm two masked persons armed with guns enter their shop through the front door of the snackett.

Speaking with the Observer following the robbery Brown said that her and her boyfriend were just about to close up and the windows were closed and only one door was opened when two men who had masks on their face came through the door carrying firearms and demanded that they lay on the floor.

She said that the robbers took her bag which had a cash amount of about EC$10,000. Also in her bag were identification cards, her cell phone and other personal items. She said that in addition to her personal items the robbers stole lighters , bamboo paper and her boyfriend’s wallet which had about EC$600 in it. They also pulled her chain from neck along with her earrings and a ring given to her by her father when she was 17.

Brown said that the incident left her terrified as one of the gun men placed the gun to her head and the other placed his foot on her boyfriends face. The incident was reported to the police however no one has been charged with this robbery and police are current still investigating.