‘Single Entry’ to premier in Nevis for a single night

Playwright Aston Cooke
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By Monique Washington
An international play that depicts the lives of two Jamaican women who want to migrate to the United States will be on stage for one night Nevis.
The play was written by the late Jamaican writer Aston Cooke and was first debut in 2001. The two-hour play will be held on Saturday at the Nevis Performing Arts Centre
NEPAC at 8pm.
The Observer spoke with the producer of the play, Andre Clarke, who said the comedy depicts the lives of two Jamaican women who are the opposite of each other, yet are still trying multiple ways to gain entry to the United States. They then receive a single entry visa into the USA. Both women go to New York and stay with a mutual friend. However, they soon realise that the dream that they were sold about America is not reality.
“It is a hilarious show,” Clarke said. “Every island can relate and everyone knows someone who went through the same thing these women went through.”

Clarke said that though the characters speak in a Jamaican accent the language will be clear enough for everyone to understand.
“The play was in New York and we had quite a number of Jamaicans attending that but we also had New Yorkers and they were able to understand.”

“This is a family show. Family friendly. It deals with real life and everyone will be able to relate to it,” he said.

The play has already been shown twice in New York and Jamaica. The play is set to travel to New Jersey, Washington DC, New York and Connecticut.

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