Sir Arthur Lewis Community College To Co-host 48th CSA Conference

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St. Lucia – The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, in collaboration with the University of the West Indies Global Campus, will co-host the 48th Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) Conference. This momentous event will take place in Saint Lucia from June 3rd to June 7th, 2024.

“Whether you’re an esteemed scholar, a dedicated student, or a passionate advocate for Caribbean studies, this event promises to be a melting pot of insights, discussions, and connections that you won’t want to miss,” Guido Rojer Jr, CSA Program Co-Chair, said to CSA members in the CSA’s monthly newsletter.

Founded in 1974, the CSA has been at the forefront of advancing Caribbean scholarship, fostering interdisciplinary research, and promoting dialogue on critical issues facing the region. As the association also commemorates its 50th anniversary, the conference theme, “CSA at 50: Caribbean Development Sustainability – The Convergence of Technology, People, Planet, Peace, Prosperity & Partnerships,” underscores the imperative of sustainable development in the Caribbean context.

“We have chosen this theme to reflect a long-term discourse. We have our members as scholars, who are going to be sharing their evidence-based research that has been done already. They are coming here to share those perspectives,” Okama Brook, CSA President, said while visiting Saint Lucia in preparation for the conference. “We want to see how we can engage with the people within these themes and subthemes to also be able to make some impact on [Saint Lucia’s] development situation while we’re here but even after we have left.”

In addition to academic sessions, the conference will offer networking opportunities, cultural performances, and excursions to explore the beauty and history of Saint Lucia. Participants will have the chance to connect with colleagues, exchange ideas, and forge new partnerships to address the challenges and opportunities facing the Caribbean region.

“We hope that people can come out to support the Literary Salon on Tuesday, showcasing some of Saint Lucia’s top authors. Persons can register for the week-long conference or drop in for individual sessions throughout the week—everyone is invited! If you are interested in the Caribbean, this is the place to be,” Tracy Pilgrim-George, SALCC Senior Advancement Officer, said.

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