Sir John Compton lucid and alert, and has begun therapy treatment

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A few hours after arriving in St. Lucia, ailing Prime Minister, Sir John Compton, met with acting Prime Minister Stephenson King to discuss matters of national importance.

While it is not known what topics were covered during the discussions, government sources said Sir John was lucid and alert and appeared to be in reasonably good condition.

Sir John returned home early Monday morning after spending over two weeks in a US hospital recovering from a series of small strokes.

It is now expected that the 82-yesr-old leader, who led his United Workers Party to a comfortable victory in last December’s general election, should be back on his feet in about two weeks but there is no indication on when he could be expected to return to office.

Sir John has begun therapy treatment with a local physiotherapist.

Acting Prime Minister Stephenson King says Sir John, who was struck by a series of mini strokes earlier this month, is now under the care of a team of local doctors.

However, Mr. King, who met with Sir John on Monday and briefed him on the affairs of the country since his absence, said the 82-year-old leader would be the sole person to decide when the nation would get its first glimpse of him.

He said during their meeting Sir John’s mind was sound and he was collected and lucid.

However, the acting Prime Minister noted that Sir John’s physical state was the area where he required rehabilitative care and his physiotherapy would take some time.

Mr. King says Sir John requested that the Cabinet of Ministers remain focused on the work of governance as well as executing the plans of the 2007/2008 budget.

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