By Vernlyn Zakers

Sweet Sister Sensia would like to people “to hit” the dance club as early as possible in order to reap the full benefit of admission costs.

Sensia said the Police Force brought up the time for when clubs must close down.

“If you come at one in the morning you will not get you money worth,” Sensia said. “I think people come to the clubs late because they want to surf around and see where the action really is.”

The club hopping has now become a habit, and people cannot stop coming to the clubs late, Sensia said.

Sensia said it is in the best interest of club-goers to come early, because regardless of when the club starts or ends, promoters and DJs will still get paid.

Sensia said because the Police Force has put a time limit on dances she will be unable to have local entertainers at the Gyptian Show on May 20.

Instead, Sensia said the only other local entertainment would be provided by local DJs, including Evolution Sound, DJ Yardie and Outlaw Sounds.

Sensia said she would have liked to have had local guest artist perform on that night, but time would not allow it.

“Everything is sealed and set up to bring Egyptian to perform here in St. Kitts,” Sensia said.

Sensia said that she is waiting on a permit from the Ministry of National Security, to formally start promoting the show.

“Gyptian has already been paid and we are just waiting for him to make his appearance here in St. Kitts,” she said.

Sensia hopes people will come out early and enjoy themselves in a safe manner, as reflected in the theme of the dance —”Bring you queen and leave home you machine and Bring you wife leave home you knife.”

Gyptian is a popular reggae singer from Jamaica with popular songs like ‘Serious times,’ ‘Too much Bang Bang’ and ‘Beautiful Woman.’

With the current spate of moral ills the society is feeling, Sensia felt it was appropriate to have an artist like Gyptian perform in the Federation. Sensia particularly likes ‘Serious Times,’ with the following lyrics;

 “Serious times — these are some serious times —

All I can here around us is just violence and crime —

Full time for us to centralize, socialize and realize.”

Sensia, who is the only female DJ in St. Kitts, said she was lucky to get Gyptian because he was in high demand on the international scene.

“At first there will be a dance, then Gyptian will perform and after his performance there will be a dance again,” she said.