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By Dr. Miranda Fellows

The body was designed to be well. Our body’s natural state is wellness, unless it is interfered with. The key to health is to REMOVE the SIX INTERFERENCES TO WELLNESS. These six interferences are

1. Structural Interference

2. Electrical Pollution

3. Nutritional Deficiency

4. Allergies and Sensitivities

5. Emotional Stress

6. Toxicity Levels

Each week I will take you through each interference and what you can do to prevent its impact on your body and mind. Let’s make the rest of 2008 truly great, with optimal wellness as our goal. I have recently returned from a conference in Arizona on Integrative Medicine. One of the presenters was Dr. Moon from Korea. He was showing how the human genetic code can be viewed, and errors in the code can be seen on specific genetic testing. He has confirmed that our LIFESTYLE affects negatively or positively the EXPRESSION of our GENES and whether or not disease will manifest. So I want to empower you with the knowledge that what you do each day towards a healthy lifestyle affects your health tomorrow! We are what we eat, think and do! I urge you to make wise choices of foods, exercise and thought processes. Even the way we think impacts on our health.


Nerves conduct LIFE ENERGY from the brain to the cells of the body. Life energy will be withheld from parts of the body when imbalances interfere with nerve conduction. These imbalances can be from spinal subluxations (when the spine goes out of alignment), dietary stressors, not enough, too much, or the wrong type of exercise, emotional and physical stressors. For example, if you were to cut the nerve to your tooth, it would blacken and die or if the nerve to your finger were cut, it would not function normally. This is because the NERVE conducts LIFE, and if interfered with, the tissue will die or become diseased. In order for healing to occur, interferences must be corrected so the intelligence within the body can coordinate and direct the healing of the tissues from within.

Standard medical treatments work directly on the third stage of disease meaning that when the patient is not complaining of symptoms, both the doctor and the patient believe that all is well, but the Wellness practitioner realizes that THE ABSENCE OF SYMPTOMS DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THE PRESENCE OF HEALTH. The patient may be in the first or second stage of disease before realizing that there is a problem.

It is important to not just look for symptoms, but to identify and correct the six interferences, thus removing the cause of the problem and work to prevent further problems from occurring. You must realize that “symptom free” and “restored health” are not the same. Even though drugs may relieve the symptoms, the cause of the symptom may remain. Medication usually does not, and cannot, remove the interference. Even though organs can be removed through surgery, the cause of the interference may still remain. In order to remove the interference there are specific things you must do. Check out next week’s article to stay informed in the latest health and wellness issues!

Dr. Miranda Fellows is the founder of ‘Carib Wellness’. She has dedicated her life to the implementation of natural, holistic healthcare and the optimal wellbeing of Caribbean people in particular. The Carib Wellness program is a system of Holistic Integrated Medicine that allows innate healing of the human body without drugs or surgery. Dr. Miranda holds her Doctorate in Chiropractic and is a licensed physician with a specialty in energy medicine. Her license is held in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. She also holds a license to practice in Michigan, U.S.A. She has excelled in licensing Board exams parts I, II, III and Physical Therapy. Dr. Miranda has been in private family practice in Nevis for three years based at Eden-Life Centre. Eden Life Centre is the basis for the “Healthy Lifestyles” T.V. program that Nurse Edris Fellows began in 1999 and that her daughter Dr. Miranda has now taken over. The program teaches people how to change their lifestyle to that of healthy dietary, exercise and relaxation habits.

Dr. Miranda is relocating her practice from Dr. Penn to Charlestown to make her service more accessible and will be open on Friday 11th April.

Carib Wellness at Eden Life Centre: Nevis: 469 2147 or 469 DTOX (3869)

Or St. Kitts: 466 WELL (9355) for appt.

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