SKN Confirms Identities of Africans Killed in Boating Accident

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Loop News- The three West Africans killed in last month’s migrant boat accident near St Kitts and Nevis have been identified as Derick Anga Azia, Verdo Mofor and Zeta Bertrand.

Police confirmed the identities of the two men and woman, who are from the Republic of Cameroon, yesterday.

Autopsies done on their bodies last week confirmed they died from mechanical asphyxia due to drowning.

Azia, Mofor and Bertrand were part of a group of 32 people who sailed from Urlings, Antigua on a stolen fishing boat en route to the US Virgin Islands on March 27.

Early on March 28, the boat encountered difficulties and capsized while travelling through rough waters about twelve nautical miles south of Conaree, St Kitts.

Seventeen of the 32 passengers were rescued alive.

A vessel, which is believed to be the stolen fishing boat, was found near Puerto Rico earlier this month with one body onboard.

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