Esa Slack Currently in hospital in St. Kitts

By Monique Washington

Esa Slack, the man who allegedly attacked the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Michael Perkins, will have his day in court on July 18 but not for beating the speaker.

On May 21, Slack allegedly attacked and beat Speaker Perkins less than 10 feet from the Charlestown police station door. The speaker received minor injuries. After the May 21 incident, Slack was admitted to the J. N. France General Hospital Psychiatric Ward in St. Kitts, “receiving treatment” under police custody before being remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP).

Slack appeared in Magistrate Court on Tuesday before Magistrate Yasmine Clarketo be remanded to HMP in St. Kitts. Police Prosecutor Inspector Eurita Collins-Percival informed the court that Slack was charged with “threat to kill” and should be further remanded. The magistrate informed the Police Prosecutor that “no such charge is before this court.”

“He was remanded for possession of cannabis,” Magistrate Clarke told the Prosecutor.According to a police press release, on May 22, Slack was arrested and charged in the First Instance for the offence of Possession of Cannabis with intent to supply.

In an unrelated case, Alexander Diaz, a Dominican Republic national, also appeared before the Magistrate Clarke, charged with stabbingto death his friend, Ceaser Pabel Santana. The stabbing occurred more than 18 months ago (Dec. 21, 2014). Diaz allegedly stabbed three men, one of whom was Santana. All three were taken to the Alexandra Hospital.

On December 24, following the stabbing incident, police issued a wanted bulletin on Diaz. One week after the incident, Pabel succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

On January 19, Diaz was captured along with two Jamaican nationals, who were attempting to smuggle him out on a fishing boat to St. Maarten.

During Diaz’s appearance in court, Magistrate Clarke noted that his Preliminary Inquiry date had not been set. Police Prosecutor Inspector Eurita Collins-Percival told the court the file is with the Director of Public Prosecution.

“I am setting a date for November 10 for his Preliminary Inquiry to be heard,” Magistrate Clarke told the Prosecutor. “I am not going to entertain anymore adjournments. I am putting you on notice.”