By Monique Washington

“This should have never happened” were the words of Austin Harris uncle of the late Constable Brain Paquette, member of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force who was shot in his legwith his own firearm last month by a larceny suspect  and subsequently died on Monday of multiply organ failure.

Paquette,who served as Constable to the force for eight to 10 years answered a larceny call on June 23 in Prickly Pear Alley. He was accompanied by another officer.A struggle between Paquette and the suspect ensued which allegedly lead to the suspect taking Paquette’s firearm and shooting him in the leg. The Constable was taken to the JNF hospital by ambulance where he began to receive treatment for his injuries.

Five days later, the officer who had taken a turn for the worse, was rushed to Port of Spain General in Trinidad where it was determine his kidney were beginning to fail and his injured leg had to be removed.

According to a statement released by Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley “during the period of time Officer Pacquette was hospitalized overseas the Commissioner of Police was in constant communication (twice daily) with the medical professionals in whose care he was entrusted and was updated regularly on his progress” the statement reads.

In a previous interview with The Observer Harris claimed Dr. Wilkinson may have caused the “hold up” in getting his nephew off island.

“He said he had to email his colleagues, and then they had to figure out what hospital would take him, and then they needed to know who would pay for it,” Harris said. “He was shot in the line of duty, his employer is responsible for paying and (ACP) Hilroy Brandy already assured us that paying isn’t an issue.”

Speaking with The Observer on Monday, Paquette’s uncle said that the situation his nephew was in should have never happened and maintains that his nephew should have been flown out sooner.

“Martinique is right there, there is Cuba, he didn’t need to stay in that hospital so long, especially if they knew they could not treat him. Dr. (Cameron) Wilkinson said that he needed to be flown out between 24-48 hours after he was shot. But he stayed in that hospital. This situation happened to a police officer and this is the treatment he received? A life is a life. He was somebody’s child,” Harris said.

Harris told The Observer, that in addition to losing his leg,Paquette suffered from multiple organ failure. First were both kidneys, then his liver and his lungs were only functioning at 20 percent while a machine did the other 80 percent.

“His body was septic. He was having surgery almost every day to remove dead tissuesfrom his body,” Harris said. “They couldn’t have done all the surgeries at once. He received 90 to 100 units of blood while he was there. My nephew really never regained consciousness after he was shot. He was never fully aware of what was going on.”

On Monday at around 5 a.m., with his mother by his side, Paquette passed away in the Port of Spain General Hospital in Trinidad.

“This is not some kind of Hollywood script. He is not going to come back tomorrow.”Harrisconcluded.

“The question remains however will Evron Williams, the alleged suspect who shot Constable Paquette receive more than the charge of  attempting to make use of a firearm with intent to prevent the lawful apprehension of himself or will he now face a murder charge?” asked Harris.