Due to sloppy work from the prosecution, two men who were to be sentenced on yesterday (Jan 30) had their sentencing delayed to next week Thursday. Jesse Fyfield and Paul John on January 14 pleaded guilty for stealing and receiving goods and were to be sentenced yesterday, however the written facts of their case were not properly prepared and presented to them in advance to give them sufficient time for review. Both men were jointly charged with multiple counts of housebreaking, larceny and receiving stolen goods. There were accused of breaking into the home of Terrence Jeffers and Judy Boyd in September 2012, stealing approximately $45, 825 worth of items including cash, jewelry, laptop and desktop computers, perfumes, clothing, cell phone, liquor, gardening supplies, curtain sets, TV and other electronics and tools and equipment. Judge Justice Darshan Ramdhani asked the men if they had legal representation, of which they responded “no.”He later was told by the men, when he asked, that they received the facts of the case just moments before the hearing began. The judge then asked the prosecution why this was so, to which there was no firm answer. Justice Ramdhani then proceeded to ask Fyfield if he had read the document he received, to which he said “not yet.”When the judge asked if he could read, Fyfield responded with a faint “not yet.”The judge, obviously not amused, asked firmly again whether or not he could read to which Fyfield said “not so good.”He then asked him to read a page on the document with the facts of the case and after reading a few words, stumbled on the word “island.”Justice Ramdhani chided him for this and towards the end of the proceedings said he did not believe Fyfield when he said he could not read. The judge was also not easy on the prosecution as he pointed out discrepancies with the facts presented and ordered that those mistakes be corrected. He even suggested that the document was like a poor job of “cut and paste.”He also reminded the prosecution that he had specifically requested that the facts of the case be presented to him at least a week before sentencing to provide ample time for review. In light of the situation, the judge could not proceed with the sentencing, saying it would be unfair to the accused. After the facts of the case are documented properly, separate sheets of these should be given to both Fyfield and John before they return to court next week Thursday for sentencing. The judge also instructed that a message be sent to persons who can speak on behalf of accused. The social workers inquiry report will also be presented at time.