Something lacking in our society –

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We have a serious problem because we have allowed hate, vindictiveness, rancour, crime and violence to overtake our society.  When morning dawns our ears are cocked to ascertain who was killed, robbed or beaten up.  As long as it is not a member of my family, or a friend, life goes on as per usual.

Oh! how we have moved away from biblical standards and have given access to ungodly attitudes and slouching behaviours.  Is this the legacy parents and god-parents are content to leave for this and future generations?

Is it right for us to accept a co-mixture of all viewpoints, all lifestyles, beliefs and behaviours to be equally valid for Christian society?

The pragmatics teach that there are no transcendent moral standards “Whatever works best is right.”  The post-Christian school has a significant number of people not relying any longer on Judeo-Christian’s truths as the basis of their existence to inform their values.

Alongside those two is the post-modernist who journeys further in his philosophical thought when he reflects the notion of universal truth – I do not mean Christian truth, but all truth.  I am afraid it is this latter philosophical thought our people are adopting in believing that “all lifestyles, all beliefs and behaviours are equally valid.”

What is the answer to our problems?  Each individual holding on to his God-given potential be it a doctor, minister of religion, a nurse, a musician, teacher, mechanic, lawyer, plumber, and list goes on.  It means that every individual has taken his or her education seriously to arrive at the level of potentiality which is intended.

The other area that is equally important is a solid Bible-based foundation.  The apostle Paul in the New Testament achieved both aspects of education to which I have referred.  He was a scholar and a spiritual giant.  Both of these qualities enhanced the other.

Paul got all the principles he gained from his education to guide and keep before him his spirituality.  This is what he declared “I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest when I have preached to others I myself should become disqualified” (1 Cor. 9:27).

The training that Paul received equipped him not only with facts, but also with life’s principles.  Hence spirituality for him was not separate from his total education.  We too need to emulate Paul’s mentality that his well-rounded lifestyle gave him – a good footing on life’s railway.  The advantage gained will enable us to portray proper parenting, socializing, loving and healthy lifestyle on the inside and outside of our being.

I call upon all denominations to include in their Christian education Sunday School (Bible Knowledge) for all ages and to encourage their members to attend.  It is said that “because so many of us have to undergo pressure to learn or are forced to follow courses that do not answer our needs, we have come to view school with distaste.”

The challenge is sent out to all young leaders, newly married couples, job-seekers, job-starters, season-workers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, in-laws, entrepreneurs, to try the recommendation of attending Sunday School.  It will be informative and beneficial to you and your generations.

For the church to be truly the bride of Christ of which we are a part; we should give Christ the opportunity to build His church in the way we consolidate our learning.

Whatever is lacking and has our society slouching, that something can be found in Sunday School.  Try it you will be edified for His kingdom.

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