By Klieon John

St. Kitts Reporter

The St. Kitts-Nevis Special Olympians returned home champions in their own right laden with gold, silver and bronze; the spoils of their triumphant performance in this year’s world Summer Games held in Shanghai, China.

Upon their return on Sunday they were met by family, friends and scores of supporters and were treated to a special motorcade through the streets of Basseterre on Friday afternoon. As they ended on Fort Street, they spent much of the afternoon dancing to music and displaying their 15 medals to passersby.

However, the work that is still to be done is sobering. Despite various fundraising events and numerous donations from individual sponsors, they still ended up a staggering $47,000.00 dollars outstanding in debt.

National director of Special Olympics, Clarice Cotton remains hopeful that persons will continue their support of the athletes, especially now that they have shown their true colors at the prestigious World Games this year.