By Jaedee Caines

The Observer

Kevin ‘Puppet’ David, who is known by Nevis residents to own one of Nevis’ fastest and flashiest cars, appeared before Magistrate Yasmine Clarke last Tuesday on two charges – failing to comply with an officer’s command and dangerous driving.

David pleaded not guilty to the offence committed in March.

Constable Sean Browne, who had been in Nevis for six months said on the day in question he was on duty patrolling the streets of Charlestown when he received information of a car race taking place on the long point road.

He testified that upon arriving at the scene he saw a large crowd and several sports cars.

While talking with people Browne said the driver of a white car sport car — who he identified as the defendant David — drove off.

“I drove behind him but could not keep up with his speed. He stopped up the road and mingled with some fans then when I was almost there he sped off once more,” Browne said.

Browne said he followed David trying his best to keep up with him.

“We continued onto the by-pass road and it was then that I realised I couldn’t keep up with him because he has a really fast car. I went back to the station and did some investigating on the matter and found that the car belongs to him, Kevin David and he lives at Ramsbury,” Browne said. “I went to his village and found the car nicely tucked away in some bushes. I touched the hood of the car and it was hot.”

Browne said he knocked on the door and woman who identified herself as David’s mother answered the door. She said David was not home

“I saw David the following Monday and asked him to pull over and he did. I brought the matter before him and told him I was going to take him to court,” Browne said.

Lawyer Patrice Nisbett of Nisbett’s Law Chambers represented David and was quite eager to question the officer and present his case to the magistrate. He commenced by asking the officer a series of questions with information the officer had previously outlined.

Magistrate Clarke then took the floor and told David she was positive he was guilty.

“What really pains me is that when you all are speeding it is not yourselves you are injuring or killing, it’s the other people. You guys are just leaving with scratches and bruises. I see you Mr. David, I see you all the time,” said Clarke.

Clarke took a moment to search through the relevant law books on the matter and told Nisbett she has an abundance of penalty choices she can inflict on David.

“I can even take away his licence,” said Clarke. Nisbett asked the magistrate to consider the importance David’s car is to him.

“He goes to work fairly early at mornings and he bought his car as a convenience to get to his work place on time. Please do not take away his licence and if you must, kindly make it for as little time as possible. He will learn his lesson,” said Nisbett.

The magistrate asked David to pay a sum of EC$500 in one month or spend one month in prison for failing to comply, and EC$500 to be paid in two months or spend two months in prison for dangerous driving.

In addition, she informed him that as of 12 a.m. last Wednesday his licence would be suspended for a period of three months.

“If you do not comply with this suspension, you would be brought before me — you can get someone to drive you around,” said Clarke.