St. Kitts and Nevis Charts Sustainable Island State Course with Nepal Visit

(L-R) H.E Calvin St. Juste, Foreign Minister NP Saud and Mr. Arun KC.
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Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew’s commitment to building a sustainable island state yielded major wins during Special Envoy Mr. Calvin St. Juste’s recent official visit to Nepal.

(L-R) H.E Calvin St. Juste, Foreign Minister NP Saud and Mr. Arun KC.

High-level meetings with government officials and the private sector have secured
economic corporations and commitments, as well as investment partnership between the two nations.

This historic visit, whereby Special Envoy St. Juste is the first diplomatic official visiting Nepal since St. Kitts and Nevis established diplomatic relations in May 2018, demonstrates
the deepening commitment of both nations to foster close ties and explore avenues for mutually beneficial cooperation. A number of these high-level talks with industry business
leaders and organizations have paved the way for tangible support in the areas of healthcare, eco-tourism, renewable energy, education, and cultural exchange.

The visit underscored a shared commitment to sustainability, with both nations eager to learn from each other’s strengths. Nepal, a globally recognized leader in renewable energy expresses potential partnerships to support St. Kitts and Nevis’ green energy goals.

Meanwhile, St. Kitts and Nevis’ vibrant cultural heritage found resonance, opening doors for future trade and cultural exchanges and showcasing its unique identity to this nation of 30 plus million people.

Beyond concrete agreements, the visit fostered a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

As St. Kitts and Nevis charts its course toward a sustainable future, this collaborative spirit shines brightly. By embracing international partnerships and harnessing the power of shared learning, both nations stand poised to achieve their individual goals and contribute to a more sustainable world.

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