The Enhanced Country Poverty Assessment has officially been launched Thursday (November 30) to determine the level of poverty within the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States.

The Assessment is a collaboration between the Nevis Island Administration, Ministry of Finance Department of Statistics UNDP, World Bank, Caribbean Development Band and OECS.

The Observer spoke with Director of Statistics in the NIA Dorriel Tross-Phillip who noted that St. Kitts and Nevis will begin the assessment in January followed by St. Lucia. She said that having completed the launch the Department of Statistics will host training with enumerators. This will be facilitated by someone from the OECS commission. After such train the enumerators will be in the field for about six months. The last survey was completed in 2007-2008.

“This time around we will be doing a paperless survey, so we will just be doing it on tablets. Once they get back to our office the information will be uploaded to our serve,” Tross-Phillip said. She said the homes that will be surveyed have been pre-selected “what you call a random sampling.” The enumerators will call to set up the appointments, so they can do the interview. They just won’t show up.”

Continuing she explained upon conducting the surveys “we are asking each household that has been selected that when the enumerators come to you that you be truthful when you would answer the question.”

“It will help us help the Government in knowing the level of poverty, where it is situated in Nevis so that the Government and Social Services can plan programs to, if not totally eradicate but at least to reduce those persons that are suffering from poverty and to help them improve their livelihood,”
“Once the six months in the field is completed we will have to clean the data, analyze the data then disseminate the data .

“By the end of next year we should the preliminary figures for the level and prevalence of poverty,” Tross-Phillip concluded.