St Kitts & Nevis Postal Code System [SKN-PCS]

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What is a postal code?

The postal code is often referred to as a post code or ZIP code. It is the essential element of a postal address. It is a unique identifier that unambiguously identifies an addressee’s location and assists in the transmission, sorting and delivery of mail items. A postal code usually consists of a sequence of letters and numbers, or numbers only, and is usually appended to the end of an address.

Why does St Kitts and Nevis need a Postal Code System and a National Addressing System?

Despite the relatively small size of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis not everyone is aware of the location of communities and villages or specific locations within these communities and villages. In many instances, directions depend on ‘word of mouth’ and the use of landmarks. There is a dependence on casual location systems that are highly unreliable when used to locate an address. Notably, due to increases in population and a surge in housing and commercial developments, these casual location systems are no longer functional.

Who benefits from a postal code system, and how do they benefit?

Everyone stands to benefit greatly from the implementation of a Postal Code and National Addressing System. These include individuals as well as the private and public sectors.

The postal service [SKN Postal Services] will benefit in the following ways:

  • Improved efficiency and accuracy of locating addresses and improved mail delivery
  • Optimization of resource allocation such as delivery personnel and vehicles
  •  Saving on time and operating costs
  • Reduction in returned, undelivered and mis-directed mail
  • Creation of postal code address databases

The private sector [FEDEX, DHL, Insurance companies, financial institutions and businesses etc] will benefit from a postal code system via:

  • Improved product delivery and location of addresses, which would allow businesses to effectively locate and reach their customers [e.g. marketing agencies]
  • Promotion of e-commerce through the facilitation of online transactions and internet purchasing

The public sector [Inland Revenue, Immigration Department, Social Security, Police, Water Department, Heath Services, Fire & Rescue Services, NEMA, SKELEC, NEVLEC, The Cable, FLOW, Windsor University, Ross University etc] will benefit in the following ways:

  • Improved billing and customer service
  • Improved management of disasters, epidemics, internal migration and primary health care
  • Improved response time of emergency vehicles through quicker location of distressed callers

How does a postal code work?

Each segment of the postal code, when read from left to right provides step by step information regarding the destination of the mail item. The postal code narrows down the item’s destination to a small geographic area/point.

Description of the St Kitts and Nevis Postal Code Segments


POSTAL CODE: KN0101 [St Kitts]

KN 01 01

POSTAL CODE: KN0802 [Nevis]

KN 08 02

The St Kitts and Nevis Postal Code is alpha-numeric in nature and therefore consists of both letters and numbers. The KN segment refers to the St Kitts and Nevis country code. The first two digits [01 or [08] point to the Postal Zone and they identify the Post Offices in St Kitts or in the case of Nevis, the Parishes in which mail items are delivered. The Delivery District is identified by the numbers [01] or [02] accordingly.

Why do I need to use the postal code?

Using the postal code on mail items means that mail can be sorted quickly and accurately and delivered precisely.

How do I find my postal code?

The SKN Postal Services will provide a Postal Code Finder on our website and on the SKNIS website which will assist persons in locating their postal code. Additionally, we would provide via the media information in this regard.

Will my postal code/address ever be changed? If I am moving, will I keep the same postal code from my previous address?

In general, a postal code identifies a group of addresses. If your business is moving to an adjacent premises, or within the same postal district you will retain the same postal code.

If you are moving from your house to another house in another postal district, then your postal code will change. The postal code is specific to the address and not to you or your business.

Examples of addresses using the St Kitts and Nevis Post Code:

John Doe                                          Clovis Doe                                        Brendon Doe

2 Fern Street                                   Hamilton Street                              Cotton Ground

Greenlands                                     Cayon Project                                Nevis

Bassetere                                          St. Kitts                                              KN1201

St Kitts                                               KN0602


Joseph Doe                                      Devon B. Doe

Old Mill Road                                   Government Road

West Farm                                       Nevis

St Kitts                                               KN0801


Leslie Doe                                         Shiela M. Doe

Mount Idle                                       Brown Hill

Sandy Point                                     Nevis

St Kitts                                               KN0902


Mary A. Doe                                     Judith Doe

Station Street                                  Fenton Hill

Dieppe Bay                                       Gingerland

St Kitts                                               Nevis

KN0403                                             KN1002

Janice Doe                                        Julia H. Doe

Carty’s Pasture                               Rawlins Pasture

Tabernacle                                       Nevis

St. Kitts                                              KN1102


Please note that the official launch of the St Kitts and Nevis Postal Code System will take place on World Post Day, October 9, 2016. Persons are however encouraged to visit before that time the St Kitts and Nevis Postal Services website at and the St Kitts and Nevis Information Service [SKNIS] website at and the Nevis Department of Information at to become familiar with the Postal Code System.

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