In an effort raise the standard of service offered to guests, the Ministry of Tourism and the St. Kitts Tourism Authority will be enforcing a dress code for all taxi and tour bus operators, it was announced Thursday.

In light of the fact St. Kitts is currently first in the OECS as it relates to cruise arrivals and third in the region in visitor spending, the move is intended to raise standards and remain competitive in an “ever-expanding global environment.”

Enforcement of a dress code is aimed at ensuring the safety of guests and local taxi and tour bus operators,improving the overall standard of product and services offered by all operatorsand improvement of the overall customer experience

“A taxi or tour bus operator shall wear the uniform prescribed by his association or adhere to the dress code established by the Authority ensuring that the items of clothing do not bear any offensive inappropriate writing, symbol or wording, including political or other advertising thereon,” according Schedule 1 of the Saint Christopher Tourism Authority (Prescribed Areas) Regulations 2009:

Additionally, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority has embarked on a tourism awareness campaign called #StepUp to raise the standard of service in the tourism industry, and ably meet the growing demand of the record numbers of arrivals to the island.

Complaints of harassment, infighting and disrespectful treatment of cruise passengers from vendors were cited as motivation for the initiative, including the dress code, which is designed to curb such behavior and protect the integrity of the destination and the livelihood of all its citizens.

The dress code as established by the Saint Christopher Tourism Authority is as follows:

St. Kitts Taxi Association:
Blue Polo Shirt with Association Crest and long black Pant or knee length skirt.

Liamuiga Taxi Association:                        
Orange Jersey Shirt with Association crest and long black pant or Knee length skirt.

St. Kitts Taxi Corporative                            
Cream Jack shirt with Corporative Crest and long Black Pant.

St. Kitts Tourism Authority                        
Green shirt with follow your heart Logo and long black or khaki pant or knee length skirt.

Individual Tour Companies :
Shirt of the Tour Company with the Respective crest/logo and long pant that coincides with the colour scheme of the uniform.

Uniforms of individual tour companies must be presented to the Ministry of Tourism and the St. Kitts Tourism Authority in writing for approval.

Operators are also reminded that their vehicles are to be inspected and issued a current decal to operate.

All taxi and tour bus operators are advised that failure to adhere to the dress code and the other elements of the code of conduct may result in their removal from Port Zante or the suspension of their licence.